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Dodgeball meets paintball with bows and arrows
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Serving Delaware, South Eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland and South New Jersey
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How it works
Archery Tag or Archery Play is our latest addition that is played with a recurve bow and a safe soft tip foam tip arrow. It's a high energy, heart thumbing, squat and arm workout, a game that is sure to add even more excitement to your event.

Archery Tag or Archery Play is played similar to dodgeball with our bows and foam-tipped arrows. This exciting, action-packed game offers the ultimate party or event experience that engages everyone. Our team will deliver, setup & handle all details of your event. Our five-star reviews and dedication to customer experience speak for themselves. Book online or call (302) 358-2322 to reserve your one-of-a-kind Archery Play event today!
What's included
  • Archery Play: Bows
  • Protective: Masks
  •  Foam-Tipped: Arrows
  •  Inflatable:  Barriers
  •  Experienced:  Referees
Archery Play Pricing
Contact Us for custom requests and questions.
A 4% tax/processing fee is applied to all rentals. Travel fees apply for rentals 80+ miles round trip from local headquarters.
Request in 60 seconds. No Credit Card required.
Where to play
We deliver the equipment to your location of choice and set everything up for you. We currently offer Archery Play rentals in Delaware, Eastern PA, Northern MD and Souther NJ.
Need help finding a location?
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Popular FAQ's
What's the age limit?
We recommend all players be 10 years or older to participate. Please let us know in advance if any players are under 10 years of age so we can bring the appropriate equipment.
How many do I need?
You do not need to necessarily rent as many bows as you have players. Archery Play can be tiring and we allow an unlimited number of players so we often recommend renting less bows than the # of people and taking turns. For example, ten bows can comfortably entertain 15-20 people per hour. We've worked with groups of over 100.
Is Archery Play safe?
Absolutely! Our state-of-the-art foam-tipped arrows and high-quality protective masks ensure you will have a safe, fun experience.
Can I play in the rain?
Archery Play can be played in the rain, however, we do offer a free rescheduling policy in the event of rainy or stormy weather.  Also, if played in the rain certain equipment may not be included such as the inflatables.
Are there add-ons?
- Giant Soccer Ball - $50
How do I book?
Submit a rental request with the details of your rental and any questions you may have. We'll reach out to you to confirm our availability and any answer any questions you may have. We'll then send an invoice which you can pay online.
Is there a deposit?
The deposit is 50% of your total payment.
How do I pay?
We accept all major credit cards through our safe and secure online payment platform. Checks are also accepted.
When should I book?
Due to high demand we recommend booking 2-3 weeks in advance.  However, still contact us sometimes we are able to produce miracles.
Where can I play?
We offer Archery Play in these states:
 - Delaware
 - Pennsylvania
 - New Jersey
 - Maryland
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